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I'm Katelijne van Tienhoven

Thank you for being here. Welcome to U R ALIVE.

I am a positive, open, enthusiastic woman who left the corporate world to start her own business. I learned to feel my intuition again. Learning to live and make decisions mostly from the head at school and university made that intuition was hidden sometimes.

Following my heart brought me to set up U R ALIVE. It made me an entrepreneur. It helped me choose to go my own way. To live my authentic life. 


I love to help you and your business do the same. To make the most out of this moment.


Because, I mean... U R ALIVE.




Business & Tech entrepreneur


Motivator & Coach

In my work I get to do what is my biggest passion and what has always had my interest: working with people! All of them different, with their own beliefs, thoughts, feelings and behaviour. Interesting and diverse personalities with their own experience and stories to tell. That is what absolutely inspires me in life.

- Katelijne van Tienhoven -

🧿 Executive & Life Coach; Accredited by the World Association of Coaching with Neuroscience (WACN)

🧿 QQI Level 6 Certified in Professional Coaching Practice and Ethics

🧿 Licensed Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) – by the official Society of NLP of Dr. Richard Bandler

🧿 BSc Business Administration and MSc Business Information Management

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What My Clients Say about Me

Katelijne is very mindful and present when she is coaching which makes her sessions very engaging and I felt like she was genuinely invested in helping me improve my life both professionally and personally (she really is rooting for you!). The transformation in just a few weeks in my confidence, execution of plans and my sense of purpose and direction in life is incredible!

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My personal background evolves around people. As long as I can remember, I have always been curious and open to other people and places. A bilingual (English/Dutch) secondary education introduced me to the beauty of traveling. International exchanges were a big part of these years, a good start for my international career.

After secondary school, I have studied at Erasmus University in Rotterdam. Bachelor in Business Administration and MSc in Business Information Management. Due to internships and side jobs I gained experience in sales, hospitality, technology, consulting, event organization and creativity.

Traveling solo through South-East Asia and South America showed me the beauty of different backgrounds and cultures. Volunteering in Indonesia showed me the fulfilling feeling of helping others.

After university I moved to Dublin, Ireland to work for one of world’s fastest growing technology companies.

I know from experience that living as an expat can be challenging at times. Moving abroad, building up a whole new personal and professional life as well as settling into rules and culture of a new country can be a lot to handle.

My experience helps me to understand and help expats to handle their challenges. I coach people both in English and in Dutch.

This experience, as well as being educated as NLP Practitioner and Life Coach, has taught me personal and professional lessons.

I have seen the power of coaching from first hand. We are all responsible for writing the story of our life. Now is the time to reflect and make choices, because you are alive. That is how I came to the name of my company. Because if not now, then when? U R ALIVE.

U R ALIVE. is founded in 2020, a year in which the world is turned upside down due to a pandemic. Due to a lot of radical changes in the environment, home and work situation, people turn inwards. This is the perfect time to reflect. How would you like the world to change after this time? How would you design institutional systems, education, environment? What lessons do you hope the world will learn?

How would you like your employees to live the company values? How do you make sure they stay engaged and happy and bring this energy to your customer?

It all starts with you.

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