Make that positive change in your life now

The only one who can really make a change, is YOU.

But you don't have to do it alone.

I am here to help you!

Balancing stones


How to create a healthy balance over different areas of your life?



Not living in the past, not in the future, but NOW.

Working on mindset


Often we are sabotaging our own life with our limiting thoughts and beliefs. Become aware and break through them!

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Career Change

Not happy at work? What is it that you want and how to create the change?

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You are good enough as you are, sometimes you need some help to see it.

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Future perspective

Where will you be in a year, 3 or 10 years? Help to build a future plan and set goals.

Do you currently experience...

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    A certain emptiness inside you?

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    That something needs to change but you don't know how?

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    A lack of self-confidence?

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    You are being too hard on yourself?

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    It is never good enough?

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    Too many thoughts?

Do you desire feeling...

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    Clarity about your goals and how to get there?

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    Self-confident and loved?

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    Like you are your own best friend?

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    Connected to your intuition?

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    In control of your thoughts and emotions?

Are you ready to choose for yourself, to live your authentic life now?

As much as you give your car regular maintenance, you take care of your friends... Why not yourself?

You're right. Tell me more.

What My Clients Say about Me

Coaching with Katelijne has helped to reach overall more clarity regarding my values, goals and passions. It made me feel supported and guided. She saw how to guide conversations and get to the core of issues/goals.


Dublin, Ireland

I felt really motivated during the coaching and finally got answers about some doubts that I have according to my professional plans.


She helped me to identify what it is that makes me happy and how to start a plan to work on these areas, taking my strengths into consideration.


Katelijne coached me over four sessions. I came to her because,  as a young professional, I was confused about my career progression and had no true sense of direction on where I wanted to go with my life and was looking for long-term career plan.

I was a little nervous as it was my first time receiving coaching, but Katelijne’s kind and supportive nature created a very warming environment from the get-go where I felt comfortable opening up when she asked me questions.

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Dublin, Ireland



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The process of working together with Katelijne will...

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    give useful new insights into who you are and what you want;

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    help you to embrace the beautiful person you are;

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    make authentic choices based on what you really want (not on other's expectations)

Coaching in progress

The society we live in

We live in a very fast-moving and constantly evolving world. There is so much that requires our attention, so many impulses being thrown at you every single day.

Social media plays a huge role in society. We are talking a lot and are influenced by the active or passive consumption of content on social media.

A lot of talking, but it seems like the genuine listening to each other has become less.


Next to that, the generation of millennials is more looking into their own influence on happiness and how to achieve that ‘never-enough’ goal.

Personal development has become more popular. It is not a shame anymore to see a coach to help create a strategy to achieve certain goals in life.

Our responses to certain situations are often a developed pattern that is executed automatically.

The purpose of coaching is to help the client to slow down and test these patterns or habits and build new ones.

Have you been looking for a way to slow down?



What does coaching actually mean?

Coaching is a co-active process in which coach and client work together towards a desired outcome. It is a thought-provoking and creative process in order to maximize the full potential of the client, both personally and professionally.

Can you explain the difference between coaching and mentoring or advice?

Coaching is not a matter of giving advice. As a coach, I will not tell you what to do. Mentoring is when someone with more experience in the same area (e.g. a more senior person at work), gives you advice on the role, or another specific topic.

How long does a coaching trajectory take?

It is always a minimum of four coaching sessions, which can be extended. These sessions take an hour each.

What can I expect from an intake call?

An intake call is a 20/30 minute video call to get to know each other and discuss expectations. What is it that you would like to get out of the sessions?

I will explain a bit more about coaching, what it is and how it works.
After this intake call, both of us can decide whether we want to move forward.

Oh yes, it's free!

online coaching

Online coaching works

In 2020,

boundaries between work and private life have vanished. Literally, for most people their work office is the same location as their home, where they eat sleep and relax.
Fortunately, this has given us a lot of freedom and opportunities too. As a life coach, I am now able to coach people from all over the country and even from other countries and nationalities,
all from home!
It does not matter where you live or whether you speak English or Dutch, you can stay at home while doing a coaching session with me.
Of course, when you prefer, I also provide coaching face-to-face, in or around Breda.

Talk to you soon!

Feel like this is what you are looking for?

It is impossible to summarize everything on this page. 

If you feel attracted by what you are reading on this website;

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    But you feel not able to say concretely what your question is;

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    You would like to know more about what coaching can do for you at this moment in your life;

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    You want to get to know me better as a coach and see if you feel comfortable with me;

Do not hesitate to contact me with your question or set up a free introduction call by clicking this button: