(Themselves and your organisation)

Numbers speak


years before a millennial changes company

How do you make sure you keep your employees within your business?


increase in productivity

ROI measured with companies that combine training with coaching is higher than training alone (22.4%)


of millennials say they had a burn-out

Coaching helps to prevent a burn-out by working on setting healthy boundaries (and more..)

Create a learning environment

 As the war for talent increases, companies are obliged to invest in the personal development of their employees. 

plant for personal growth

Personal Development

Personal development is increasingly important in and outside your organisation.


How do you give your people the opportunity?

Sitting on the floor, working from home

The New Normal

Remote working, working from home.

More freedom is the new normal.


How do you engage with them?

Road sign about changes

Learning Curve

When their learning curve staggers for too long, millennials tend to search for new opportunities.


How can they keep learning with you?


Hand holding compass

Business Coaching

In one-on-one coaching sessions there is more time & attention for the individual


✅  Setting personal goals


✅  Building path forward


✅  Creating healthy work-life balance

Building blocks together


In a team setting, we create a safe space for people to open up, step out of their comfort zone and connect


✅  Creative collaboration


✅  Use of tools and exercises to look within


✅  In alignment with companies' vision and values

Sunlight behind flower

Inspiration Sessions

Sharing my story and therefore opening a space for others to be vulnerable

Read this blog to know more


✅  Vulnerability connects people


✅  Better balance between head and heart


✅  Living authentically

Did you know...

Coaching is increasingly used in management. A more co-active management-employee relationship seems to work much better than the traditional hierarchical approach to keep a good culture and keep employees performing, engaged and satisfied.

Engaged employees are more motivated and carry a positive energy towards colleagues and customers, which will positively affect your business results.

✅  Performance

✅  Engagement

✅  Satisfaction

Why choose U R ALIVE. ?

Hand holding compass

Breath of fresh air

✅  Young & Lively


✅  Millennial speaking from millennial's perspective


✅  Fresh look & Innovative ideas

Building blocks together

Business & Technology Background

✅  Experience working in a high-pressure, high-performance corporate environment


✅  University degree in Business and Technology (BSc Business Administration & MSc Business Information Management)



Mountains and lake with very clear water


Hand in the air with light



How long does a workshop take?

Mostly 2-3 hours. If you want something longer or shorter, we can always discuss this.

What options do you have for personal coaching?

With personal coaching, we do (at least 4) one-on-one sessions, where we have more time and space to dive deeper into one's personal goals. It can be very useful as an extra support or a good follow-up on a group workshop.

What is the goal of doing these workshops here?

The goal of these workshops is to create a connection between colleagues, to have them feeling more engaged with the business and overall more satisfied in life.

It's the aim to help employees to be more present and mindful. These workshops will help create a healthy work-life balance.

How do I know if your workshops are what we are looking for?

Prior to a workshop, we always have an appointment (call or onsite), where we discuss your company values, vision and your wishes regarding the workshop. We have a few frameworks but we will always do our best to customize it to your wishes.

What are these workshops about?

The workshops of U R ALIVE. are focused on authenticity, clarity and connection.

Authenticity - Having the space to be your best and most authentic self in and outside work. Feeling safe enough to speak your mind.

Clarity - Clarity about the direction of the business and clarity about team and one's personal goals. From me as a coach, clarity can be expected (holding up a mirror and confrontation when needed).

Connection - Connecting with yourself and others. Working together in alignment with your companies' values helps to be more connected with the business and all facing the same direction.

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