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U R ALIVE. helps you to create a positive change within your life and your business. We do this with life coaching and in-company workshops.


We create a psychologically safe space for you to speak up.

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Personal coaching

Personal Coaching

Working together one on one to help you live your authentic life

business coaching

Business Coaching

Helping your employees to develop, be healthy and have a clear path forward

Working together in workshops

In-company Workshops

Creating a space to connect to each other and be engaged in your business values

Katelijne van Tienhoven

Others describe me as open, approachable and enthusiastic.

I am approachable to you too! I would love to (e) meet to you to discuss your plans, either personally or for your business.


As a certified coach I love to help others get the most out of their life or business. Positive change gives me positive energy.

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accreditation Irish Institute of NLP
Vidarte opleidingsinstituut
QQI Quality and Qualifications Ireland accreditation
tutor bij Erasmus Universiteit Rotterdam
trained by Positive Intelligence inc.

Benefits of coaching

✅  Clarity around goalshow to act and establish them

✅  Increased level of engagement - in work and life in general

✅  Psychologically safe place to gain perspective

✅  Deeper level of learningnot just improving skills in the workplace, but really getting to know yourself better

✅  Building personal and professional awarenessbecome aware of blind spots and patterns

✅  Support for improvement of specific skills

What My Clients Say about Me


Coaching with Katelijne has helped to reach overall more clarity regarding my values, goals and passions. It made me feel supported and guided. She saw how to guide conversations and get to the core of issues/goals.



I felt really motivated during the coaching and finally got answers about some doubts that I have according to my professional plans.


She helped me to identify what it is that makes me happy and how to start a plan to work on these areas, taking my strengths into consideration.



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Create a learning environment

Personal and professional development is becoming increasingly important.
Modern companies invest in the development of their employees, because they know that employee engagement involves a sincere involvement and genuine interest into creating a healthy life.